About Us

  • Alfa Region security company was established in Saint-Petersburg as part of the North-Western Alpha Group Association Branch and provides protection- and security-related services for the Branch.
  • Our company is a member of the Alfa Counter-Terrorism Group Veterans Association since 2002 and has a Private Security Provider.
  • We specialize in physical security services for companies working in Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region.
  • Professional activities of the Alfa Region private security company are regulated by the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On private detective and security activities”, as well as other laws and regulations that administer such line of activity. Our relationships with the clients are based on mutual trust and respect. Security company management is represented by former Russian Federal Security Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Ministry of Defense employees.
  • Alfa Region security company guarantees security and complete control of facilities, cargoes and tangible assets. Only the most skilled and trained security company employees are assigned to on-site protection of property and facilities, all of them have valid practicing certificates and security guard personal cards, have passed qualification examinations, undergone annual medical check-ups overseen by medical boards, compulsory and voluntary medical insurance, received special-purpose self-defense training (regular training sessions and workshops), passed physical training standards examination.


Site protection

Commercial and residential property security services are an indispensable part of any activity aimed at providing protection for staff and visitors, safeguarding tangible assets and ensuring safety for administration and employees.

Our experts conduct a thorough analysis, evaluation and monitoring of the property. Taking into account the client’s needs and requirements, we design a facility safety project that represents an all-inclusive safety concept covering all aspects of facility operation and security services.

The security concept objective implies providing the client with an optimal combination of a required number of security staff members, technical security systems and organization- and procedure-oriented activities that ensure a high-quality and failproof facility protection of any degree of complexity.

Close protection

Alfa Region private protection company provides a wide range of close protection services for private individuals. We have set up a stringent elimination process for prospective employees who will be responsible for personal security of our clients. Examination process includes and extensive list of physical and psychological abilities that a bodyguard must have, as close protection is a complex and a highly responsible mission that requires a sensitive approach and professional expertise.

Our company works hand in glove with state law enforcement agencies and other authorities, which enables us to tackle tasks of various degrees of complexity in the shortest possible time and with the highest operational excellence.

Along with:

  • Event security
  • Security escort of cargoes
  • Legal protection
  • Security during negotiations
  • Consultancy services

Special Training Center

The International Center for Special Training Alfa-Metal was founded in 2006 in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, by veterans of the Bulgarian and Russian special task groups. Today we are the leading international training center that unites highly-skilled instructors from all over the world and is in full conformity with today’s
international standards and requirements in safety training.

Our instructors are true professionals with many years of experience in military and law enforcement special task groups from Bulgaria, USA, Russia, Greece, Israel and Ukraine.

The training center has all the facilities and resources necessary for the implementation of training programs.

A wide range of training courses makes it possible to choose a specific program best-suited for the needs and requirements of a particular trainee.

St. Petersburg, Spassky Lane. 12
Mon-Fri from 10:00 to 19:00